Travel to anywhere in the world

How to organise your trip:

1. Make a packing list.

First make sure you’ve got at least six months left on your passport / Visa before you take on your trip. You should probably print out your visa to put in your carry-on luggage. Don’t always trust the digital version to be available.

Then pack your toothbrush and check your credit card. If you have both of these, you can make it thru almost anything. It’s always a good idea to keep some currency and change on you as well, for ‘cash-only’ situations

Travel insurance documents – make sure these are in date and cover the country you’re visiting and the activities you plan on doing. If you are planning to do extreme sports, you may want to check if you’re covered for this.

Also, check the official travel advise:

How to avoid stains

Pack all the light-coloured clothes inside out, to keep them stain free at arrival. Also, use the hotel disposable shower caps and use them to cover the base of your shoes when they are in the bag. Its both super easy and very efficient. Also, read about finding the best flight deals


Get more space

Don’t start your holiday with a pile of ironing. To save space and stop creasing, roll your clothes instead of folding them. Afterwards you place them in vacuum compression bags. Put your clothes in, seal the bag and squeeze the air out. This will leave you with lots more space in your suitcase and will prevent creases. More clothes and less hassle.

Fill the dead space in your lugage

When packing you should make use of every little inch of suitcase space that you can. Roll your tops, your underwear, all the socks, and other small items. Then stuff whatever you can into your shoes to make sure every possible space is filled. This is a very efficient way to gain more space. Specially if you stay at a hotel in Barcelona

How to stay fresh on your holiday

If you want to keep your clothes smelling fresh on a long trip to a hotel in Paris, we have a great solution. Take a small bag of potpourri or fabric conditioner for your sheets, and you’ll keep your clothes smelling sweet throughout the trip.

When it comes to travel you can never be prepared enough. Go thru your list and to as Santa, check I twice (at least) For the absolutely best deals on flights and hotels, you should check out: This site will give you the very best start to your holiday, because they’ll find you accommodation and flights to a very reasonable price.

Have a nice trip.